I think its hands down the best hot sauce in the world. I am actually enjoying it right now jerry’s ghost rider.

Jackie Eugene Haines Jr.

Best hot Sauce in the area… Great tastes Get your hot on with the pepper man

Vegaery Low

We showed up unannounced and had the most wonderful experience! Jerry stopped working and found what I needed! everyone was so welcoming also. Will definitely return

Mark Wilkerson

I really enjoy Jerry’s Hot Sauce. Jerry is one hell of a great guy and his passion for his sauce reflects in their taste ! QUALITY #1

Derrick Shaffer

If you want the hottest peppers, Jerry’s can’t be beat for the heat! Love the Chocolate Scorpion peppers!

Wayne E. Warner

Lisanne Gray Jerry’s hot sauces are the BOMB!! Best hot sauce ever and YES, I can’t have a bloody mary without it!!

Lisanne Gray