Salt-Free Ghost Pepper Concentrate – 1 Gallon Size


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Our answer for those that want to make their own sauces without the awesome task of processing the ghost peppers from scratch. We eliminate the fumes, tears, and the hassle of processing. Seeds and skins removed. It’s all pulp. Just add to whatever sauce that you use to bump up the heat, or create your own sauce or salsa using our concentrate as the base. You’re going to love the ease of using it, guaranteed. If you or any of your customers are allergic to or don’t like garlic or on a salt-free diet, then this is the one for you.


Chefs in restaurants and businesses making their own sauces and salsas are amazed how easy it is to use this ghost pepper concentrate without having to go through the “BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS” of handling and processing raw peppers. ie; If your customer is looking for a hotter sauce than what’s on their Hot Wings, just add a little of Jerry’s Ghost Pepper Concentrate and make them happy and sweaty. If you’re making salsa, just add a bit of concentrate to your favorite mix of veggies and fruit. We suggest one teaspoon per two cups, but you may want to adjust to your liking or that of your customers. Heat up your favorite hot sauce by adding one tablespoon per two cups of concentrate. Adjust that up or down depending upon customer requests or liking.

If you are making your own hot sauce, then refer to our FYI page to create your sauce by the poundage or cup measurements and add in your favorite ingredients to finish that great taste that you created in the volume you are looking for.




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