We would like to inform you that as hot sauce developers, we understand the painstaking chore of handling and processing ghost peppers into sauces and salsas and that holds true to most anything made from or with ghost peppers.

Therefore, we would like to give you a heads-up on our Ghost Pepper Concentrate to help you understand more clearly how economical this product is and how to benefit in your product development. You probably already use products like soup concentrates, juice concentrates, concentrate this and that. So why not a concentrated hot sauce to make it easier to get your hot level where you like it.  But whether it’s hot sauce, salsas, dips, marinade, or whatever your idea, we are hoping that the following information will help you.

From our kitchen to yours, Concentrated Ghost Pepper Sauce

From fresh ghost peppers into concentrate:

Six Pounds Fresh Ghost Peppers = One Gallon Ghost Pepper Concentrate

Three Pounds Fresh Ghost Peppers = One Half Gallon Ghost Pepper Concentrate

One & One Half Pounds Fresh Ghost Peppers = One Quart (4 cups) Concentrate

One Eighth Pound = One quarter pint (1/2 cup) Concentrate

* ref.  1 cup = 16 tbls *


Whether you are working from your own kitchen, restaurant or pub, or a full time hot sauce developer, it doesn’t get any easier or more cost effective then using GhostlyHots Ghost Pepper Concentrate


               “GET YOUR HOT ON!”