Our parent company, “VEG-A-ERY on LOW DUTCH”, has been growing vegetables for many years using both outside gardens and greenhouse application. Through the years and many trials and errors, we have developed a system of hydroponic style watering and fertilization technology for use in our 150 ft. greenhouse as well as our outside garden. We introduced the idea of growing Ghost peppers in 2013 and started making a unique sauce that immediately gained popularity among friends, family and locals. THAT DID IT.

We went all out and added a variety of Scorpion peppers to our crop and proceeded to make sauces from them also. But we didn’t stop there. We dehydrate a great deal of our hot peppers as well, making user friendly use of dry flaked and powder that can easily be applied to whatever dish being made and to the heat level the kitchen desires. Talk about “GETTING YOUR HOT ON” as Jerry always says, and it’s true. If you love hot spice, you will find it here.

Jerry wants everyone to understand that putting hot sauce on your finger to taste is crazy, unless of course you plan on eating your finger? Put a few drops of Jerry’s Hot Sauce on whatever you are eating for the most enjoyable flavor and heat you have ever experienced. Find out why everyone that has bought Jerry’s sauces love them so much. They are incredibly delicious, hot and economical. A little goes a long way. “GET YOUR HOT ON”.

ALSO, we sell and ship our Fresh Ghost peppers during our extended growing season throughout the entire Continental U.S. via eBay and our website. This applies normally between the months of June through February and our goal is to have them available year round. Whether your pleasure is fresh peppers to make your own sauce, salsa, seasonings, or to get your hands on one of our unique products, you won’t be disappointed.

Our newest and best product addition is our Ghost Pepper Concentrate. It’s a thick, pulpy concentrated ghost pepper sauce to help simplify efforts in the kitchen in producing any menu or sauce development. Check out the “For Your Information” page on the Home page for product comparison and information.